Flux protocol is a new meta of WEB3

The Flux protocol has been in development since 2017. Based on the NEAR blockchain, Flux offers the right blockchain solutions that are open to design and development based on it.

First of all, many people compare different blockchains and protocols. Those who follow new projects are most interested in: what new can it bring and how is it better than others?

as a rule, these are bandwidth, blockchain stability, independence, ability to transfer data, variability of functions.

Flux Oracle: Instantly provide reliable and accurate information to users of various protocols

In my opinion, Flux can contribute to the development of projects such as: Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solan, all of these projects already have oracles such as chainlink kylin, etc. but Flux can combine the best of these oracles and combine all the data to transfer them end user

Flux Protocol Raises $10.3M Seed Round to Build DeFi Infrastructure on NEAR

Distributed Global, Coinbase Ventures and others are betting the data protocol can help lending applications attract users to NEAR.

I believe that the Flux protocol will have a significant impact on the development of the crypto industry.
We see an interesting idea, a well-coordinated team, an excellent solution for various projects and good cooperation. it will be interesting to see how the Flux protocol brings cryptographic protocols together!




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